What is a Travel Companion?

It's some-one who accompanies another when travelling on business or holiday, OR who meets them at their destination in order to enjoy the location together

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So, What prompted us to Build This Website?

We are Minx & Geeze aka Sal & Jer, & for the best part of 10 years we've worked in the 'oldest profession' as a Couple, catering almost exclusively to middle aged & older Men. We've learnt a lot & as anyone who's done well in business knows, success comes from not just working 'in' the business; you have to work 'at it' too. So we've kept our eyes open, listened to our clients & watched what's going on in all sectors of our industry & the country at large, not least the socio-political scene.

Minx felt drawn to the world of Kink, trained & now practises as a semi-pro dominatrix, while Geeze turned to publishing, penning a national 'lifestyle' blog which attracts ever growing numbers of subscribers. It's lengthy at around 8000 words a time. One of the benefits of writing the magazine (its gone well past the 'blog' stage now) is that he has to research many of the topics in depth before hitting the keyboard. Subjects covered over the years range from Loneliness to Sexuality, Crypto Currencies, Fifty Shades of Grey to #MeToo, all kinds of adult 'stuff' with subscribers consistently telling us it's a 'good read'. As we enter a new decade, will it turn out to be another Roaring Twenties? Time will tell, but  observations point to THREE emerging trends relevant to our trade as Professional Escorts & Travel Companions




The interesting thing is, that all three are closely linked, Learn more...





Experiential Luxury

You don't need reminding the last 5 years (2019-23) have been brutal in so many ways: our country has been split like never before. Love it or Hate it, Social Media has a lot to answer for...with the young (mainly Under 40s) favouring it to follow news (often fake) & to vent their opinions. It's nothing more than NOISE (remember back in the day we were warned about 'empty vessels'?) nevertheless, it's noise that gets to shape policies and Government. Activism surrounding Climate Change and fierce debate about Wealth & Inequality are contriving to 'temper' the spending habits of the well-heeled. Marketing gurus predict that in the 2020s, 'experiential  luxury' will be a key trend. But what is it? Luxury is evolving. Instead of splashing the cash on material items and/or status symbols, the trend is towards investing more in 'elite' or 'special experiences'. On memories if you like. Memories that are kept private, locked away from the attentions and NOISE from the 'have-nots'. We're seeing a steady increase in Custom Bookings, IE arrangments tailored around client's specific needs & preferred locations, ranging from Overnight Experiences, to Long Weekends and Short Breaks as travel companions, UK or abroad, combining FUN, fine dining, intelligent conversation and Leisure Activities. We can, if you wish, do all the donkey work, including flights, hotel bookings, parking arrangements, restaurant reservations, bar tabs, the works. All you have to do is TURN UP. And ENJOY.  Does that sound appealing to you? Take the first step. Email your thoughts to: hello@maturefuncouple.co.uk and we'll get back to you normally SAME-DAY.

Loneliness Epidemic

Loneliness: You'll have seen references to Loneliness on the Home Page and we don't want to rub salt in the wound. We live in supposedly the 'most connected age in history' yet many feel more lonely than ever before. Loneliness is sometimes described as sadness caused by lack of closeness. So how can we help? Closeness comes from being understood & valued. Rest assured, when considering us as Travel Mates, Travel Buddies, Companions, Travel Escorts or whatever you like to call us, we're not just out for a Meal Ticket or Free Ride! As professional Travel Companions we're there FOR YOU, interested, engaged and keen to boost your happiness & sense of well-being. This doesn't mean we're 'concerned' or worried about you; that would be nothing more than dumping our anxieties on to YOU; it simply means that YOU MATTER to us, End Of. Being open with us, and sharing your thoughts about loneliness, along with us listening & caring about what you have to say adds up to a potent combination. Add a third component 'TOUCH' and it gets better. Touch triggers the hormone Oxytocin, sometimes known as the 'cuddle hormone' well known for lowering stress levels, increasing social bonding & raising 'feel good' factor. Closeness CAN BE created by anyone that wants to feel it; its not something that needs to happen by chance; its within our CONTROL. It never fails to amaze us as to how close we can get to people in short spaces of time when we're all on the same page. It really is possible to stop being lonely, so Don't Delay & Don't be Shy, the chances are that we've met many men just like you, so get in touch. 

Consensual Non Monogamy

It may surprise you to know that there are increasing numbers of people out there in consensual non monogamous (CNM) relationships. Over time, we've met several guys happily married, who also enjoy long term relationships with girlfriends, some consensually, some not so, aka 'cheating'. Confused? You might like to pause for a minute, get yourself a brew & watch this video.....

Did you like that? It touches on SO-oooo much of what we know & what we've both observed as escorts & travel companions. Around 42% of marriages in the UK end in divorce. Clearly, Marriage ISN'T WORKING very well. Some couples believe in the 'you've made your bed and must lie in it' idiom & stumble on in what becomes essentially a sexless, loveless relationship. The bottom line? Monogamy is considered the norm and the choice we have is EITHER 'You're Married' or 'You're Not Married' with nothing in between. Monogamy & Marriage have been strongly intertwined for centuries, and as such, monogamy has formed the basis of many social regulations & laws. To most people, non monogamy & alternative forms of relational intimacy are seen as deviant, unhealthy even, or immoral. Its like 'society has chosen monogamy for us, and that's the way it has to be'. The expectation is that one person (spouse) is going to provide all our needs FOREVER. However, there's a shift in perception going on, with 5% of people in the US choosing an alternative option in the form of Consensual Non-Monogamous relationships. I know what you're thinking: 5% isn't a big deal. Until you realise that 5% of 330 million people equals more than the entire population of Greater London & Scotland combined.

CNM refers to romantic relationships in which all partners agree to engage in sexual, romantic &/or emotional relationships with others. This is not cheating. Cheating involves deceit, lying & dishonesty, all three counter to the rules of marriage based on Honesty, Truth & Open Communication. We do understand it though...some couples can't or won't communicate, a recipe for disaster; its why many men (& women) find themselves LONELY & MARRIED, & seek pleasures not on the menu at home elsewhere. Most become serial cheaters, playing out a kind of ritual, finding for themselves an alternative anchor of connection with others outside the marriage. Once they've 'scratched the itch', these characters return home, but here's the thing: Connection isn't always created by the things we don't get, they're created by the things we go back to in this case their spouse. So, paradoxically, some  men's relationships are strengthened by their extra-curricular activities. Yep, it's COMPLICATED! Ideally, couples should ALWAYS communicate! Anyway, back to the CNM model, which offers many combinations of SEX, ROMANCE & FRIENDSHIP. CNM means a relationship can be Custom Designed to suit, and as we can see, ever increasing numbers are choosing to go down that road. For the religious brigade, any alternative to Monogamy is seen as taboo. Indeed, it's common knowledge that Alternative Players face high levels of discrimination & stigma, BUT, research shows these people reporting enhanced levels of satisfaction with their relationships. This is mainly because 100% of the 'burden' of satisfying wants, emotional & physical needs no longer falls upon one person; instead, it is distributed among multiple partners. Not so long ago, we weren't expected to live long after we retired. Life expectancy though, has risen by more than 30 years in under a century, with the medical profession confidently predicting  125 year lifespans not unusual. OUCH!!!!  

Is it really reasonable to expect one person to provide ALL the other's needs for DECADES & DECADES? We don't think so. Conventional relationship models are beginning to be challenged. There IS A CHOICE.

So guys, if you're one of the lucky ones on a long rein, with time and opportunity to slip away & explore new horizons, drop us a line. We are 100% discreet & professional, but most of all FUN. Well, what are you waiting for?

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