Lonely? For many people,
going on holiday alone is

So if you're fed up with loneliness & like the idea of 'Friends With Benefits' & Fun in the Sun, we're the

Friends with benefits, mature fun couple travel companions

Loneliness, sadly, is something that more & more people are having to come to terms with, Read more...

We're a Professional Couple in our late 50s with very small families and few friends due to the anti-social hours and nature of our work. Both of us are young for our age in mind AND body. She's a Scot, with a sunny personality & a 'Glass Half Full' mentality. He's English, privately educated, and with a background in Business. His interests include Current Affairs, Writing, Travel & Aviation. He's also an accomplished water-skier and wannabe surfer. She also enjoys water-sports. Over time, we've come into contact and rubbed shoulders with many of 'the great & the good' through the course of our work, and discovered a fair number of them to be LONELY souls, including many who are Married. 

A few years ago, one of them asked us along for company on a holiday to South Carolina. The three of us had a ball! Since then we've enjoyed several breaks as Professional Travel Companions with other men. Another way to define us is 'Friends With Benefits'. Fave destinations include the Canaries, Southern Spain, Portugal & the USA as well as places closer to home like Cornwall & the South West, London & Scotland. So if you're looking for a change of scene, for laughter, and an opportunity to EXPLORE NEW HORIZONS, we could be the right TRAVEL COMPANIONS FOR YOU. There's really no need to be lonely; it's just a case of taking that first step, so feel free to get in touch! 

  NEW for 2024! 

SOUTHEAST ASIA: All Male Clothing-Optional Travel Experiences, sail within a small group OR Private Charter & sail with Minx & Geeze + skipper & crew, the ULTIMATE private voyage of a lifetime. Standard voyages are for either 'all orientations', straight only, or m ixed bisexual, on a  luxury Phinisi type schooner with all mod cons. Travel experiences are centred around freedom, friendship & honesty, to suit your preferences and budget.  Click the button to find out more or contact Geeze direct on 07756-209560.  Limited availability! Best to book AT LEAST 3 months in  advance. Other clothing-optional sailing & villa destinations include France & Canary Islands.  



* Back working normally so pick up the phone & beat #loneliness

* We're back working normally (2023) so pick up the phone & get in touch! 





Are you missing out on happiness & fun times?

*4 Steps to Manage Loneliness with EASE...

'E' is for EXTEND

Extend Yourself! You're not alone in thoughts & it's not 'JUST YOU' so Don't Blame YOU!  A recent study revealed over 3 million men in the UK to be lonely with NO CLOSE FRIENDS they can confide in. Loneliness is a state of mind and in no way a reflection of one's 'worthiness'.  Find comfort in knowing that interacting with others is a NORMAL HUMAN NEED, deeply rooted in Social Psychology. FACT.  Thinking about planning a special experience or trip with others might seem daunting, especially when you're feeling low, with no close relationships in your life.  We get that, however, it's EASIER THAN YOU THINK to Beat Loneliness. After all, a problem shared is a problem halved, so REACH OUT & Do Something TODAY Your Future Self Will Thank You For :)

'A' is for ACTION

Come up with an Action Plan. Take Time to Understand You. Embrace loneliness first & begin to recognise your needs & feelings;  Like  yourself, be kind to yourself & STOP negative mind wandering. Sometimes loneliness can be brought on by living TOO FAST & doing TOO MUCH, so simplify life a little & SLOW DOWN.  Get decent amounts of Zzzzzzzs because loneliness has been proven to be closely associated with poor sleep. At the very least you'll feel more energised & inclined to interact with others. Some say Change is as good as a Rest. Why not combine both & take a Short Break?  We are Discreet & Professional Travel Companions, but most of all we are FUN PEOPLE! (with deep knowledge & experience of MEN, their problems & their desires, particularly those linked to loneliness and relationships). We're confident that you'll ENJOY the EXPERIENCE, coming back feeling more rested & rational, GUARANTEED. Then, you can move forward by formulating an action plan to keep up the good work & banish loneliness to the bin. FOR GOOD.

'S' is for SEEK

Are you a seeker who is looking for more out of life but has no-one to share the journey with? From a young age, boys learn to hide feelings & develop self reliance.  Being EMOTIONAL isn't seen as COOL. It can even expose them to being bullied. So boys learn to HIDE EMOTION, and kind of live life through a mask. Post school, college or University 'friendships' commonly tend to be associated with a drinking or sports culture, & not conducive to addressing emotional or spiritual needs...its all BRAVADO. Many men go on to count their spouse or 'significant other' as their 'Best Friend' but sadly, more & more partnerships are under threat from rapid change. Increasing life expectancy, fractured communities, changing work practises & invasive technology are piling on the pressure, challenging the very essence of MARRIAGE & MONOGAMY. Do these kind of relationships have the depths you crave? Probably NOT. So do something about it. Actively seek out companions with traits & interests more in tune with your own. Build a BETTER LIFE!  Assuming your best days are over is dangerous & can become a self fulfilling prophecy so Don't Go There.

'E' is for EXPECT

Learn to Expect the Best! What do we mean by this? Low self esteem & self criticism can make it hard to break free from loneliness. You have to acknowledge that attempts to strike up friendships and connections with others may not always be successful; its not because 'No-one In The World Likes You' or your're 'Not Good Enough', it's just the way it is. You have to be prepared to keep trying, UNTIL. So approach new situations & surroundings with an open mind. Go in with POSITIVE EXPECTATIONS & it'll rub off.  Result: You'll be surprised at how often you CONNECT with people in settings you wouldn't previously have considered. Places like this page for example! We've been entertaining men from all walks of life for years & it wasn't long after we started that we learnt never to 'judge a book by its cover'. We've had fun with college professors, political movers and shakers, consultant physicians, salesmen, wealthy builders & property developers, senior military & police, special forces, sheiks, computer geeks, administrators, aviators & master mariners, captains of industry, PHEW! and all because we've gone in  expecting the best; Meeting your next Best Friend(s) may not happen the first time you speak to some-one new. But then on the other hand it might. So pick up the phone.

*The late John T. Cacioppo, who served as University of Chicago’s director of the Center for Cognitive and Social Neuroscience and chair of the Social Psychology Program, came up with the “EASE” acronym to manage loneliness. It stands for the following: Extend yourself. Have an Action plan. Seek collectives, like people with similar interests. And finally when you do those things, Expect the best.

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